☆ my own private music video ☆

Heilbronn, February 2nd 2009

My ticking wristwatch says it’s a quarter to nine… my pizza delivery just dropped in, accompanied by some beer and a salad. The Simpsons are on. Watching TV feels really weird. But why, it’s the Simpsons, so I leave it on.
Feels good to be back. Felt good to see the boys at the airport earlier. Felt awesome seeing the crowd at the Audi plant. The flight was nice, too. Not too wild, but not boring, either. Some pseudo turbulence as we descended to Stuttgart, after previously watching the entire ground beneath me covered in white. Looked like it was cold as hell.
I remember the boarding process in Berlin-Tegel. I had my headphones on – as a matter of fact, I’m seriously considering the possibility to get headphone implants, if only I knew if they had been invented yet – and it was Lenny Kravitz’ “Fly Away”, and right there, some fifty meters away, a plane just took off and it was incredible how well the picture fitted the soundtrack in my ears. Like in a music video. Made me feel happy like a kid.
Yay! They have the airborne Playboy version for free! Nice! And some chick mag and then the politics and finance section, crammed with thick paper bricks. As usual, I scan the people, including the cabin crew. They actually all look pretty normal for a change. No heavyweight cement make-up in sight. The only guy amongst them doesn’t even look gay. He looks darn cute, as a matter of fact. A little like this guy I recently met.

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