The art of jumping the abyss

The abyss was in sight, but still very far away. One could hardly tell where the abyss started and the horizon ended. Some even might miss it, had they not known it was there.

She knew it was there, and she knew she could take it. On the other side of the abyss was something she had never seen before and she felt, she knew, that it was something good and worth jumping the abyss.

It wasn’t very wide, maybe two meters and a half, but what it lacked in width, it gained in depth. If you threw a stone down, you might see the tiny cloud of dust it whirled up when hitting the ground, but you wouldn’t hear a thing, no thud, no clash, no nothing. That’s how deep it was.

She had jumped the abyss before. And though a few times it had seemed she would make it, she hadn’t, she barely hung on to the rim and couldn’t keep her grasp. And then she slipped, and she fell, and though she braced herself, she always got hurt.

She would heal, eventually, and her spirits would come back, reminding her that it was still worth to find out what’s on the other side, so she never stopped. She tried and she jumped. Her spirits, they never died.

But the immortal spirit, can it overcome the lack of physical strength that it requires to take that leap? Can the immortal spirit fight the fear to fail and fall yet another time?

Is the other side really that beautiful and special?

Is it?

She decided it was. And so she started running. Slowly at first, then gaining speed until she could make out the clear distinction between the horizon and the rim of the abyss. It was still too far away.

She picked up speed, breathing heavily and sensing how her eyes filled up with hot tears of being overwhelmed. She ran so fast she was afraid she would stumble, the dust was clouding her sight, but the rim was there, she could clearly see it.

A hundred meters. Glaring heat. Fifty. Her mouth was the sahara. Twenty. Her heart was exploding. Ten. She could see the other side. Five. She wanted to see the other side. One.

And she jumped like she never jumped before.

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