I’m on my bed. On my mattress. My memory foam mattress with the tangerine colored sheets. It’s been six months, my mattress and me and it still smells kinda new. Chemical. Though only when you lie on your stomach, face directly pressed into the memory foam. Since I’m on my back, instead of smelling the […]

It doesn’t happen very often that I lose my temper on Facebook, mostly because I don’t know many of people personally (though I did meet awesome people there, that turned out to be even better people in real life) and I try not to take everything too seriously and/or personally. Needless to say, that doesn’t […]

It’s ten fifteen in the morning when my sister rings my doorbell and almost makes me spill my coffee. Quick glance at my computer, Sorry, buddy, almost got ya… I let her in, we hug, she looks good. Sometimes it just strikes me, she’s the little one, yet so much more grown-up than me. Man, […]

Der ganze Hass überall hat mich dazu veranlasst, etwas positive Stimmung zu verbreiten. Mit Musik. Musik für Kinder – also auch für des Deutschen mächtige besorgte Bürger allerorts verständlich. Hoffe ich mal. Die Originalversion dieses Liedes ist von Fredrik Vahle und kann hier nachgehört werden:

mein Kumpel el flojo, den ich noch nie in echt getroffen habe, macht sich Gedanken zum gerade erst so hässlich ausgeklungenen (sagt man so?) Jahr 2016 und dem, was er so erzählt, kann ich mich nur anschließen.

I hate musicals and I don’t believe in zodiac signs. What I don’t hate (and never did) is the movie they made of a musical (that happens sometimes) called „Hair“. And what I loved was the soundtrack to the movie. I think I was eighteen or so, I had just discovered almost the entire works […]