First things first: reading this is gonna take you a while. tldr doesn’t count. Pour yourself a glass of red. Roll a blunt. No matter what you do, take some time – something all of us should do a lot more often, anyways.

I do not claim originality of any kind for the thoughts expressed hereafter. It’s just a train of thoughts passing through the station that is my brain. None of the theories are “mine” as it were; it’s more like a conclusion that I drew, like so many before me, after four decades on planet Earth. So, to all you wise guys and smart asses out there: I’ll probably make the one or the other mistake when it comes to details and dates and would like to previously apologize for that (not). Cause those kinda mistakes WON’T CHANGE the conclusion as such.


The bad news: we are destroying ourselves. The good news: There isn’t really anybody to blame for it, and none of us reading this will ever live to see it happening.
Well, well… good old planet Earth. For a long time pretty uninhabitable to the extent of hostile, it then became the home of tiny little amoeba, which are basically the origin of EVERYTHING. Anglerfish and raccoons, dingoes and armadillos, toads and cockroaches… and eventually, the human species. The first fossils to prove that date back about 200,000 years. Our, mankind’s cradle? The African continent. This last sentence goes out to all you weird believers in white supremacy worldwide: Back in the day, yo mama used to be black. Just so you know.

At some point, these first humans began to migrate. Maybe because it’s part of their curious nature (a.k.a. instinct), or maybe for reasons of mere necessity. Who knows? Maybe there wasn’t enough food around for everybody in their surroundings. So, they left, they spread, and they adapted to the new and unknown circumstances. They evolved. These humans were doing pretty good, their species grew continuously. They were able to protect themselves from the blistering heat of the desert, as well as the icy cold during the last Ice Age. Nature provided us with a brain, a mind, without which this progress wouldn’t even have been possible, because it is accompanied by an extremely advanced adaptability. Darwin and stuff. Intelligence. Curiosity. Empathy. Without these factors, civilization couldn’t have taken place the way it did. And without migration we would still live in caves today. We sure as fuck wouldn’t be surfing the internet.

Which brings us to the crunch: CIVILIZATION. What a great and gruesome… development. There is no one to blame, no one came up with the specific idea “People, we should civilize, we need some order in this chaos!” It is a direct consequence of human evolution and bases on the aforementioned intelligence that we were given.

The problem is that the civilization of mankind happened too fast. Too fast in comparison with the speed of human evolution. What do I mean by that? Civilization begins, let’s say, with the simple invention of a drainage system (I think, and please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, that it was the ancient Romans who cunningly thought up and implemented such a system). Because up until then, the shit was literally swimming on the floors when it rained. So it all became more hygienic. Better hygiene, less disease, people lived longer and produced more offspring.

I think my basic idea of civilization should be clear now.
Obviously, though, more people meant more… chaos, and so people came up with certain structures, in order to keep track and avoid losing control. Some of those structures were entirely natural (old/young, male/female), others based on material or spiritual factors.

And back in the day, in ancient Greece, those ancient Greeks came up with an idea they called “democracy”. A fantastic, though even back then a little mendacious idea, according to which all power emanates from the people. Why mendacious? Because even in those days, the basic concept of democracy excluded slaves, women and foreigners. Only the so-called “free” citizens were allowed to “participate”. A fact that hasn’t changed up until today, at least when it comes to foreigners everywhere. They have to pay taxes, fo’ shizzle, but no way in hell does that give them the right to vote, for example. And that is bullcrap, my friends. A huge pile of bullcrap. Anywho, “democracy” still worked better back then, than it ever could today, which brings us to the next topic.

Democracy and the reason it failed

I know I’m going out on a limb here, but I do claim that democracy failed because it became inhumane. What brings me to say that? Why, look around you! Do you – seriously – think it’s okay (= human), that you have to generate your own roof above your head, your food, etc. (by the way, all of these are natural basic needs)? I admit, it’s a pretty naive thought, but I think it’s total bullshit, especially, if you consider that no one on our dear planet “decided” to exist.
No one chose to be born into this world and still, we all – literally – have to pay for it.

The basic idea of our system might be a good one and it might also be fair – but it simply cannot cope with the number of people that live in our world today. And, really, this is no one’s fault. But it is what it is. Let’s see… How many people were living on Earth back when the ancient Greeks were around? I could obviously google the exact number or ask someone smarter than me but I prefer to not waste my time doing that, since the exact number isn’t that important – it might have been a couple hundred thousand, maybe even a million, but not many more. And you don’t need a doctoral degree in anthropology to understand that an idea that might have worked for two million people IS IMPOSSIBLE TO IMPLEMENT for the seven billion people that we are today. At least not with those old structures.

And here’s why: man is a gregarious animal, but he is and will always be also an individual. No person is like the other, not even identical twins (except for their genetical information).
What seems fair to me, doesn’t necessarily have to comply with your idea of fairness.
Our system CANNOT do justice to every single person. And the generalized rules, they call them “laws”, that people have to respect, have become insufficient and sometimes even unfair. The few people in charge of ensuring that these rules aren’t broken (very few, indeed, compared to the total population) can’t even begin to cover it all. Which is logical. I mean, seriously, who’s got that kinda time? So we come up with even more rules to cap and further regiment the people’s growing frustration.
Because an unfree human being becomes aggressive, just like a caged animal. And with that many people here on Earth, this can only end in that massive crowd riot (just trying to verbally take the edge off) that we are currently moving towards.

These rules are a direct consequence of the ongoing civilization and the ever-growing importance of economic status. Politics as a side effect of human evolution.

For as many people as we are these days, democracy could only work, if humans were more altruistic. I once had this crazy vision, completely ridiculous by today’s standards, but in my opinion the only possible salvation for mankind. That is, if we choose to be still alive in 500 years.

It goes a little something like this: imagine, everything is the way it always is – but there is no money. It simply doesn’t exist, it was never invented (or abolished in due time). Nevertheless, everyone keeps conducting their activities, doing their job at the factory, the bakery to keep producing the goods we consume (unnecessary luxury goods, as well as necessary food). Either cause one would get bored shitless without anything to do, or because one is simply enjoying said activity. Imagine you go to the grocery/drug/clothing store and simply take what you need (and just what you need) without having to pay for it.

I can already hear the malicious laughter of those bitter eternal skeptics: “Anarchy! The beginning of the end!”
And you know what? I think they’re right. This could never work because the human species doesn’t function this way (yet). Our ego is too strong, which is exactly what I referred to earlier: human evolution couldn’t advance fast enough to make our mind, our way of thinking, more altruistic. Evolution is too slow for the current speed of civilization. Cause if our minds did work differently, if we didn’t feel this strong need, this instinct (which is on one’s fault but nature’s) to first secure our own existence while possibly enriching us – to make sure our children are secure aswell – we wouldn’t plunder the grocery/drug/clothing stores, either.
If we knew, there would always be enough for everyone, all this fear, it would be gone. Cause we’d have understood that life only works within the community, and that everyone is an important and contributing member of this human community.

I do believe that mankind has a chance, even though I personally won’t live to see that – cause it’ll take a while until we get there. And here’s why, in a nutshell: about 200,000 years of homo sapiens versus 2,000 years of civilization. To think we’ll need a couple more generations until our way of thinking might change is a safe assumption.

To sum up the bad news: that vehicle called “democracy” has literally hit the wall in full speed and is sputtering wearily. Its chances of survival? Zero, in my humble opinion. It was driven by hunger for power, envy and fear and is lying in ruins. The good news? Neither of us reading this will live to see the definitive end of democracy.
And we should be grateful for that.


The human being, as I’ve already stated, is blessed – and sometimes, punished – with exceptional intelligence. Capable of learning and ingenious, it was able to evolve the way it did. However, there are things that humans can’t and couldn’t grasp cognitively, or rather explain logically or plausibly. So, to make more sense of these inexplicable things, they are and were attributed to some divine force (lightning strikes and resulting fires, for example, as well as other weather-induced phenomena that cavemen couldn’t place due to lack of experience).

In short, “faith” was always part of the human culture. With civilization, certain moral and ethical ideas emerged in human society and its faith. A basic human attitude that we are all born with, and which is characterized by tolerance and acceptance, by empathy and willingness to help. And to all the cynics who find me naive and smile at me condescendingly: you can kiss my ass.

The aforementioned moral and ethical ideas are fantastic because, in principle, they are good for us and encourage positive interaction. It could have all worked out fine, if it hadn’t been for that one know-it-all who thought it was necessary to come up with a strict set of rules and call it “religion”.

Seriously, if Jesus and Mohamed (just to mention those two) lived today, they would probably wreak havoc if they knew what kind of bullshit inhumane crimes were committed in their names, no matter where you look. Catholic bishops swimming in riches while the Africans – that they missionized back in the day – ARE STILL drowning in hunger and poverty. Charity? Fuck you. You’re doing it wrong.

Faith is a good thing, we need faith. Maybe not for all of us, but for many. To believe provides us with stability and safety. Everyone (okay, almost everyone) believes in something. In him- or herself, in karma, in the universe, in God. It’s all good until someone tries to determine by rules in what and how you have to believe. That someone also establishes measures to be taken, when someone violates the religious commandments. Thieves have theirs hands hacked off, still today, there are stonings, abuses of women and children, all in the name of deities that are not divine, but man-made. Your prophets had other things in mind, that much is clear. Cause they knew that faith is born in the heart and that different views are not only welcome, but NECESSARY. The reason for this, and I have to insist, is easy: we’re not all the same, and thank God (haha) we’re not.

Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, just to mention the five big ones. Wouldn’t it be interesting to just talk to eachother, without fear, and to see where the various beliefs differ and where there are parallels? Instead of complaining all the time (except the buddhists and maybe the hindus, too) and pointing their fingers at the – allegedly – worse religion? The same fingers that the self-titled shepherds threateningly rise to control their flock.
In the two thousand years of documented religious history, this religious separatism has never done any good whatsoever. A LOT of blood was shed and that’s it. If he knew this, Jesus Christ would probably leave the church immediately.


This is the toughest section. It matters to me to be sensitive towards the obvious differences and to not hurt anybody’s feelings deliberately or accidentally. I’m afraid I won’t succeed in this, though, and I can smell the emerging shitstorm already. Still – I will take the risk. No risk, no fun.

I’ve already mentioned – repeatedly – that we’re different, but something tells me I will have to insist on that fact yet another time. So, we’re different.

Light-skinned, brown-skinned, black-skinned. Blonde, brunette, black hair or redhead. Round eyes, narrow eyes, blue, brown, green or grey eyes. Ain’t that sweet? Flavors for all the different tastes. I, personally, love and celebrate this diversity. But there are people that are afraid of it. Because they have the wrong or no information at all.

So, they unite and meet on Mondays (or whenever) and openly express their fears. But where does this fear come from? The origin of fear is almost always found in ignorance. That is an instinct and if you want to blame someone – blame nature. The unknown will trigger – depending on the specific situation – a reflex to run or defend yourself. Fight or flight.

And if you scare people long enough with the help of the media, while they don’t even know that and where they could get additional/other information, why, then obviously they will eventually believe that at some point.

(To clarify: this is not some kind of weird conspiracy theory. I don’t believe in chemtrails, I am no member of the anti-immunization lobby and neither do I call ALL the media liars, but to systematically keep the people as uninformed as possible has become systematic in my opinion. And that is no super-new conclusion, many people before me have realized that a long time ago. America showed everyone how it’s done and all the rest are following their lead without the slightest hesitation. Because a well-informed people might ask uncomfortable questions that no one wants to answer. Yes, I did just generalize and I did say “America”. Because I have been watching this shit show for quite a while now already. And because I have personal experience that supports this conclusion. OBVIOUSLY this ins’t meant for ALL AMERICANS, least of all for the people. It’s mainly addressed to the politics and business sharks)

Where was I? Right. Fear-stirring.

Were already so many as it is, how are we supposed to accommodate all the others?!
Processed meat can cause cancer!
If you don’t pay rent, you’ll end up homeless!
Don’t act up if you wanna keep your job!

Fear, fear, and more fear, it’s a fucking miracle we can even sleep at night (if we can, that is).

The one fear mainly being stirred these days is the fear of foreigners, simply because it’s easier to let those “worried citizens” rage and to let the media report about it, than to inform the population, “worried citizens” included, about the fact, that these refugees don’t come to us because they’re bored at home, but because their freakin’ life is in danger. Because their home country is at war. A war with weapons that Germany, too, has sold them. A war for religious and ethnical reasons, because one or many violated the aforementioned crazy rules.

Dear Pegida member, don’t be scared. They aren’t coming to screw with your life. You’re not that important. They don’t even know you! They’re coming because they don’t have another choice. Though, come to think of it, they do have a choice: either die in the war or flee and then – maybe – survive the escape and get a chance for a decent life in Germany.

Yeah, yeah, I know, none of those “worried citizens” is ever gonna read this article, and if they do, it’s more than doubtful whether he or she understands it the way it’s meant to be understood. Because xenophobic people will always choose the easy way. They are unable to deal with “difficult”. Demonizing is for pussies, that’s easy. Dealing with it, asking questions, explaining, understanding, that is hard work. And they simply don’t want to work, or rather, it is too much for them. So they hate, they point fingers and look to blame anyone but themselves, because that is so much easier than loving and accepting, easier than trying to understand the unknown.

What they don’t get, though, all their hate doesn’t change anything. Black people won’t magically turn all white just because the haters are scared of them. Muslims won’t convert to Christianity just because the haters don’t understand Islam. The haters scream, kick and slobber like fit-throwing toddlers and nothing changes. Imagine their frustration! Jeez, it almost makes me feel sorry for them… not.

Because, actually, it is not that hard to understand and accept the differences. And I’m not saying we all have to tolerate forced marriages and other physical and mental abuse in the name of whoever. There will always be assholes. And the assholes in this world will always use violence against people, no matter whether they are Jews, Christians or Muslims. Because they are scared little pussies who have no other way of defending themselves. It is very important to understand that being different is so much more. And that you don’t really have to change anything about being different – if there is enough acceptance.

“Cliché” being the keyword.
I know it’s risky, but I will make the following assertion: almost every cliché is justified. And before you all start raising hell on me, let me elaborate:

Let’s see… maybe I’ll use the example of your typical cliché gay guy. Does he even exist? Of course he does. And the cliché merely becomes a problem, if you associate it with something negative. So, he’s wearing a rainbow cap and a pink feather boa? He speaks very distinctly and effusively and is using his arms more than you when he talks? Well, let him. This alone is no reason to complain. As long as he doesn’t try to hang the boa around your neck against your will, you are to remain silent and let him be the way he is. Yes, it is that simple.

Another example, maybe not for clichés, but definitely for this sick development to label everything and thus make it an issue/a problem: When I attended grammar school (1980–1986) fights on the schoolyard were the most normal thing in the world. The squabblers were separated, there was an entry into the class register, maybe even a call to the parents and that’s it. These days, the squabblers are separated and sent off to the school psychologist. Which I find extremely exaggerated. Of course these children will think that something is wrong with them, when – up to a certain degree – normal behavior is assessed this way. Children fight, they always have, they always will. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that diseases like ADD, which are often associated with these kind of “fits” don’t exist, but yes, I am saying that these days, parents and teachers prefer the easy way. The boy went ape and stole the neighbor kid’s shovel in the sandbox? Get the ritalin!

Whoops, I kinda lost the thread here… What I wanted to say, also with the example of the typical gay guy cliché: many things only become “problems”, if you give them a name. Let them be, the cliché gay guy, the cliché feminist, let them be and celebrate their clichés. As long as no one is treated differently or even worse due to fulfilling a certain cliché/stereotype or belonging to a certain fringe group, you can’t speak of discrimination.

Stereotyping is not the same as discriminating. The latter is a term to describe the unequal treatment due to skin color, sex or sexual orientation and/or religion. There will always be clichés and stereotypes, simply because — and, please, prepare yourself dear xenophobes – WE ARE DIFFERENT, GODDAMMIT AND THANK GOD!!!

And because we are, “Baby Got Laugengebäck” could only work with black dancers. Because lye pastry is brown. And white skin isn’t. Had he be singing about cheesecake, why, he might have selected chubby blonde dancers from Sweden. But he didn’t.
And to call Jan Böhmermann a racist because of that, well, I’m sorry, but that person hasn’t understood anything. Racism would be if the black dancers got paid less for their performance than light-skinned colleagues. Maybe we should ask the dancers (cause it’s their concern), whether or not they feel discriminated against. The girls have black skin and are thus especially well prepared to portray a lye pastry. To see something other (some weird interpretation) than those facts is… I dunno… a waste of time.

And to those who are already breathing in to let me have it now, hold that thought. You probably wanna say something like: “How can you even judge, when you don’t know what it’s like to be black!” and please hear me, when I say: “You’re right.” I have white skin – through no fault of my own. So let me elaborate on the big old But, which is immediately following.


I am white. And that’s it. Which is why I am actually not entitled to have an opinion regarding the specific racism issue. Even though I have experienced racism myself: Once, at a Femi Kuti concert, I was hassled by this small (I’m referring to her size) African woman, because I was allegedly blocking her view to the stage. And what I was doing there, anyway, ”you white bitch” listening to a concert like hat and even wearing dreadlocks. She could’ve just pushed to the front or could have asked me to let her through. But she didn’t. She thought being an African, she was more entitled to see that concert.

So, racism is bad, no question about that. So is religious fanaticism. It’s bad beyond words what’s happening in Palestine and Syria. What happened here seventy years ago. What happens in front of our doors as we speak, every day. It’s terrible, no doubt, even though I’m sounding sarcastic now.

But does it really help to always point out the bad shit of the past? I’m not saying we should forget what happened to black slaves and is still happening to black people in the US and elsewhere. I’m not saying to forget the victims of both World Wars and all other wars, for that matter.

But the search for the guilty party is the actual problem, because it will never be crowned with success. Never.
You can forget that.

Pore over those history books, come on, do it! Pore! For hundreds of years we have been trying to find an answer to the question as to who is to blame, and did it help?

Nope. It didn’t. And even if you did find the one to blame, what would it change regarding that what already happened? Hm? You’re realizing it yourself, aren’t you? It would change nothing, nothing at all. What’s happened is in the past. Knowing who is to blame won’t bring back the dead. Retaliation won’t bring back the dead. All we can do is look ahead. Be better. Do it better. With special focus on the latter.

Paris a couple of weeks ago… so terrible, so absurd, so cruel and so inhumane.
But to fly counter attacks now and to bomb IS positions – that is just as terrible. Because it won’t change any of the stuff that’s already happened. As usual, too many innocent people will get killed. Which will then again give the IS a justification to keep terrorizing the world in the name of Islam. The spiral of violence will never end. Ever.

I must admit, all this sounds a bit fatalistic, as if I had given up, but that’s not the case. Yes, democracy has failed, so – what’s left for us? Even if they keep telling us the opposite – no one of us will ever be so important or invent something so great that it’ll make the world a better place in the long run. Sad but true.

What’s left for us is not to be an asshole.

What’s left is to choose NOT to say “But they started it!” Cause that’s what they’ve been saying for centuries. Do we want to be this way, too?
In that case, go ahead, knock yourself out and keep pissing eachother off.
Be my guest and keep pointing fingers at Jews, Christians, Muslims, gays, black people, women, disabled people, unemployed people, foreigners, etc. Or – be the bigger person and make a difference.
MAKE the difference. Stop blabbering (I know, I shouldn’t be talking) and just DO.

And as a last word to the cynics: I am very happy to have put a condescending smile on your face – because even a condescending smile is and will always be a smile, and with that I have done more good than you ever could with your toxic doubts.

This article was originally posted in German. It is also readable/shareable on

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