Bitch, please!

It doesn’t happen very often that I lose my temper on Facebook, mostly because I don’t know many of people personally (though I did meet awesome people there, that turned out to be even better people in real life) and I try not to take everything too seriously and/or personally. Needless to say, that doesn’t always work – and two days ago, I read something and I had to vent. The latter felt awesome, by the way.

I had to vent because I read something really, really unreflected. A woman I never met but who seems to be pretty badass posted something about how she would puke if she ever heard anyone say again that „We should all just chill about Trump, he hasn’t really done anything yet.“ As we say in German: I would immediately sign that. Because I’ve heard other people express that sentiment before and hated it.

This badass girl got a couple of likes and a couple of – mostly – short and concise comments.
And then, this… woman suddenly appears on the scene. I remember her – deleted her shortly before Christmas because of her repeated expression of opinions I simply can’t understand (and don’t have to since I’ve never met her in person) -, so I start reading what seems to be the longest comment in the history of Facebook. She goes on about how we all should inform ourselves better and starts explaining all the disadvantages of the Affordable Care Act.

I go back to the original post. Nothing about Obamacare. Um… and why is she explaining this to us? Did anybody ask for that?

So, she goes on. About how good friends of hers explained Obamacare to her. Oh, really? Your friends explained it? Why, then it must be true!
(fucking SERIOUSLY?! Your friends explained it to you! Awesome. OMG. So awesome. I wish I had friends like yours.)

I feel a strong need to pull the plug out of her computer. And I would like to slap some tape over her mouth and make her (and all the others who I’ve read expressing similar opinions) listen:

It’s not about what Trump hasn’t done yet. It never was.
It’s about what he has already done. It’s about what we know about the guy. And no, I will not link the corresponding facts to this article cause we’ve already heard them.

He is a racist.
He has disrespected women repeatedly, as well as disabled people, immigrants, gays and muslims.
He has absolutely no idea about politics other than those regarding international trade and economics (and to be honest, I’m not sure he even knows about those).
His entire posture screams „I’m insecure as shit and can only compensate that with money!“
He doesn’t pay taxes (and wants to reign the country he owes money to).
He is tweeting ludicrous crap on a daily basis and calls CNN fake news.

Seriously, do I have to go on? Believe me, I could, but Jesus FUCKING Christ, haven’t we all heard it before?

Again, to those who know everything about Obamacare (which is funny, cause she lives in Germany and could really care less):

It’s not about what Trump „hasn’t done yet“ or what Obama „has done“ – if either president had their way I’d probably not be writing this.

It is about who is the better president. And yes, even the better person, in this case. And if I have to explain that to you, you better get the fuck off my blog and fast.

On another note, I have been told that this… woman also doubts the motivation behind the women’s marches everywhere these days, she thinks women should speak up against Islam, not Trump, and even ridicules the pussy hats. She kind of even said something like „Why do women like Madonna even complain, when she was naked and talking about sex everywhere back in the day?“

Listen, lady, if I (or Madonna, or Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga) decide to dress in lingerie on the street, proud of my killer body or sexuality or whatever it is, that I am proud of, if I do it – it’s my choice and I can do whatever the fuck I want. To blame Madonna for having younger boyfriends or for objectifying those young men during her Erotica tour is just stupid. She was trying to make a point back in the day and clearly – you didn’t get it, even though you’re allegedly a fan.
Read this, lady, and then we can talk about women’s rights.

A woman can say whatever she wants about herself, she could walk the street naked if she wanted to and nobody had the right to even touch her.

What we were (and unfortunately still have to be) talking about is how men (like Trump) talk about women.

And not just women (trying to get back to the inital topic, hehe).

This… „protection“ of Trump is bullshit and he is the last person to deserve any kind of understanding. It’s kinda like defending Hitler, because after all, he built the autobahn! No one in their right mind would ever consider doing that.

Just my fifty cents.
Don’t know about my readers, but I feel better now.

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